“Big Surut” decided to say good-bye to “Paoho” in a twin car, and now it’s serious.

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It’s just as tragic for a young, big-time actor, “Big Surut” Wichirrant, when you last decided to wave your favorite car that you’ve been

with for so long, for reasons that you couldn’t carry your weight.

By all accounts, Big Surut has posted a photograph and a message on Instagram @bigibig28 describing

the effects of the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, which is self-evident.And the situation at the moment is pretty serious.

Before leaving behind the post saying that no one is to blame or to blame, because personally, it is well understood

that this epidemic is a problem for people all over the world.

“Bye bye-bye present from Covid-19 to round two, and it’s hard to keep up the good work

we’re gonna have to let him go, and we’re gonna have to keep fighting. I don’t blame anyone and I don’t blame anything.So

because it’s a global epidemic, everyone in the world is affected. ♪ Fight, sir

After this post was published, an entertainer, an artisan, a code-bearer, a Taoist

came in to write a heart-warming commentary to Big Sruit and asked him to fight.

Big-Science, son of Big-Scrut, 15-year-old psychopath. He’s got a whole dad.

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