Build a house and design a house How to start? Today there to introduce

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Build a house and design a house How to start? Today there to introduce Does not have the desired form of use.

The house plan will consist of Floor plan of the house Floor plans All floors to the roof All sides Cut pictures of the house at least 2 lines if it is a house with quite a lot of space Must have more than 2 verticals and there are also details of various parts. In the house, such as the handrail, staircase, staircase, trim around the house wall, roof, etc. The details of the parts must be shown. What size And together with what kind of nature, various systems, plumbing systems, sewerage systems Electrical rainwater drainage is a prototype. These plans are an important part of any construction permit application.

How to apply for permission to build a house

1. Fill out a building permit request for building modification or demolition of buildings.

2. Plan plans, amount 5 sets

3. Certificate of being a designer, architect, engineer, along with a copy of the license.

4. A copy of the title deed To build

5. Copy of ID card Or house registration of building owners In the case of a juristic person, use the books Certificate of registration

When we got the above All documents must be submitted to the municipality where the land is located within 45 days, must be informed whether or not the drug is allowed. If received that it is not allowed Will have to make corrections accordingly The fee will be charged not more than 4 baht per square meter.

Building steps to know

1. Punch the needle to cast foundations, beams, and set up columns on the ground floor

2. Casting the upper floor beams And pillars for receiving the roof on the 2nd floor

3. Roofing, masonry, plaster wall, installing jamb to the ceiling

4. Flooring materials, doors, windows, water pipes installation.

5. Tiled walls Install sanitary ware, paint, wiring, collect the rest of details. ออกแบบบ้าน

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