Occupation Architect: General characteristics of the profession

Occupation Architect: General characteristics of the profession


Occupation Architect: General characteristics of the profession of architect Creating beauty for society To allow others to use with satisfaction and convenience. The general characteristic of the profession of architects is the profession of designing various types of buildings in an economical and beautiful manner. In the same way, we must aim to meet the goals of the building occupants, both in terms of art and techniques brought together. In addition, there must be an understanding of the living standards and needs of people at different levels of society.

Including the level of national economic standards Architectural work is largely a service nature. Both customer service individually and serving the society as a whole.

Architects must always be concerned with the pleasure of others. Whether it is the design of buildings, houses, appliances, it is for others to use with satisfaction, comfort and beauty to the society.


Work procedure

1. Record customer requirements details to design according to customer requirements.

2. Design Calculation

3. Calculate expenses to suit the content of work.

4. Prepare the drawings and send the drawings by the draftsman for the customers to consider.

5. After completing the modification, send the design to the engineer to construct the construction.

6. Work with engineers during the construction to use the materials as specified in the contract conditions.

7.Consult engineers and solve problems that may arise from engineer construction and calculations.

8. Make a plan and control


Professional qualifications

1. Creativity, imagination in the design.

And has the ability to draw a picture to convey thoughts in the mind to be fairly concrete

2. Have a good application ability. Bring the matters of art and culture.

Science and technology can be combined in harmony

3. Delicate, careful, observant and meticulous

4. Have good human relations in contact with work.

5. Interested in fabrication, decoration and design

6. Be sensitive enough to understand the needs of other people, especially the owner of the work.

7. Have a deep and understanding of the value of art.

Culture, because the art that is in the technique of creating this kind of work is also a reflection of the cultural identity. สถาปนิก

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