What to know about architects: role of freelance architects in designing


What to know about architects: role of freelance architects in designing Obtained a license to practice architecture. To be able to work in the profession of architects, architects, designers

The role of the architect

Architect (Architect) is the person involved in designing and planning the construction. Also known as architecture, the architect will understand the construction standards of the building. Understand the functional functions of that building Including materials that will be used as components of that building Architects need to be educated in architecture. And obtained a license to practice architecture To be able to work in the profession of architect

Design freedom

It supports a wide variety of roof designs, whether it is gable, hipped, curved, giving you more freedom in roof design.

License to practice architecture

Architectural professional license or the original (before the Architect Council Act, 2543), abbreviated as the Office of the Architects, is a certified document of architects to design and sign the form. Accredited by the Council of Architects There are currently 4 branches, including Main architecture Interior architecture and decorative arts Architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture There are 4 levels of professional licenses, ranging from high to low, namely, general architects, architects, associates, architects and special associates, scope of work governing various fields. Was defined by the Ministerial Regulation (BE 2006) on the designation of controlled architecture professions

Professional Service Procedures of Architects

Architects will perform professional services following the following steps.

Preliminary design (Schematic Design)

Detailed design (Design Development or DD)

Make construction drawings (Construction Document)

Bidding and Negotiation

Construction management (Construction Administration) สถาปนิก